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 Learn how to Make Money as a TV Movie Extra & Audience Member
This information is really helpful to anyone who lives in the New York and California Area. It is where most TV and movie productions are made. Hello, my name is Issy Tavares and I have worked many years as a background actor in movies, an audience member on TV shows and in commercials. Here is a chance to leverage my know in this field and get ahead of the learning curve. I have also work as movie producer. You can visit to check my credits.


       Working as a movie producer gave me an insight and a greater prospective on how a director select and cast both actors and background extras. I have created a list of some of the most trusted Casting agencies I have worked in New York and Los Angeles.  I am mainly based in New York City and have been to Los Angeles a few times. is dedicated to providing you accurate information about the entertainment industry as well as supporting the arts! Did you know? Many Hollywood celebrities movie stars started their career as a movie extra.


      Over the years, I have been scam a few times and have gather a lot of information in process. I am not ashamed of what happen to me. It happens all the time! Right this minute!! By the time, city and state officials investigate many complaints and the due process about a particular company. This company have raked in lots of money. They have become a cash cow in the process creating many aspiring actors dreams into a nightmare. This information I am providing here is to help you avoid the trials and error I went thru!


        There are a lot of Talent agencies that prey and takes advantage of people who are new to the Movie Entertainment industry. The will ask for money upfront and promise you that you will the next A list Movie Star. In the end, you end up empty promises and an emptier wallet! Trust me, unfortunately, I have been thru many of these schemes! You cannot go to police because it is consider a business transaction and they will advice you to file a lawsuit which can leave your wallet even more emptier as well as the process is time consuming. In the end, it may cost you more than your initial investment.


     One theory I have is that you can actually register with a legitimate casting agency and start working within a week! There is false perception that it is very easy to look for work and make money as a extra. You then go to another casting agency and they ask you to pay to register. Once you pay, you never hear back from them! It has happen to me and can it can happen to you!! Let me help you and show you which are the most reliable casting agencies. It is possible, at least in New York and Los Angeles, that if you register with enough casting agencies you could actually work full-time as an extra depending on the season all casting agencies are not the same so you never know what to expect. Some agencies are busy while others are slow. And then there are a few that just want to take your money!

     This information is mainly for people who are new in the Entertainment industry as a Background actor. Non-Union actor is a term used for people starting in showbiz as an Actor. While the hours may be long sometimes, this can be an easy way to make extra income! Whether you are young or old, skinny or fat, you can be an extra in movies, TV shows or commercials. Did you know? Even pets are cast as extras! Let us help you get started. 

Background Actor Requirements

Being reliable and on time. Once you make a commitment try your best to honor it as much as possible. In the eyes of castings companies, they work so many people and you are either credible or flaky. In real life and in Hollywood, unfortunately, you are never guaranteed getting a second chance. It could very be one strike and you are out! 


Check your ego at the door! No one wants to deal with the a Prima Donna. Don’t make outrageous demands and be polite and respectful to everyone you meet!


Computer or Smartphone to get notifications and calls. Helps you stay inform and get notices of any last minute changes.


Capable of listening and taking directions. Staying alert and attentive while on set with help you achieve those objectives.


Be 18 years old or older. ( kids can also work as an extra but it more complicated because child labor laws vary from state to state )  A parent or guardian must be present.


No experience is required.

What You Will Receive in this Guide 
This is intended for people who are new to the entertainment industry


Learn which reputable talent agency to join? A list of my most trusted casting agencies in New York and California with a brief description and my personal insight of each company. This list will enable you to cut your learning curve getting into the Entertainment Industry as a background actor’s. And thus avoid schemes, scams and losing your money.

My secret tips to make an impression on set and make more money.


My personal advice how to go about starting in the entertainment business and what to expect.


Tips to get more casting opportunities:


This is information intended for people who new to the entertainment industry

Enable you to make extra money part-time and depending the season even full-time (sometimes movie extras are cast for a film that requires you to work the whole entire week!)  There are some talent agency that will even pay you in cash. Get instant gratification get paid at the end of the day. I will tell you which ones! 

Casting agencies are constantly looking for new faces to fill their demand from production studios.( the bigger their database, the more choices they have) this means they are always hiring. Learn what to do to stand apart from the crowd and be the one who gets the call first.


Learn all the Lingo that is used on movie sets. Stay in the loop!


Did you know many TV Talk shows requires lots of extras to fill the seats as audience members. You actually get paid to clap your hands!! How easy is that? Discover the shows that pays you?


What occurs behind the scenes and the possible perks and incentives that happens on set and you can get!  Order now and get instant access to this information for only $5!



If you have any questions or concerns, contact us and we will try to help as best as possible!